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Fussy Eating Tricks [video]

From our Lunch from a Dietitian series of Webinar, our latest episode covers Fussy Eating Tricks for Parents and Childcare Educators. Presented by our amazing Dietitian, Veronica Roman. Rewatch our webinar, recorded live Thursday 20 June 2024.

Do you have a fussy or picky eater in your house? Are you an educator at childcare with a bunch of fussy eaters with different levels of fussiness and different foods? Should you be concerned or is this a normal part of toddler development? Parents and carers who struggle to get children to eat shouldn’t feel alone.

Fussy Eating Tricks

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Fussy Eating training and other education sessions

Teaching children from the very beginning to grow up to have healthy relationship with food is what our Dietitians do! We aspire to empower everyone to live healthy and balanced lives through our nutrition education sessions designed for childcare educators and parents.

Nutrition for the whole family

Our Dietitians provide one-on-one help for all family members including NDIS participants. With Telehealth an option for those who can't come to our clinic, our Dietitians are here to support everyone's health and lifestyle goals.


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