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Our Speech Pathologists empower residents!

Swallowing difficulties can be serious and have significant consequences for residents, their loved ones, and staff members in a residential aged care facility. Whilst swallowing difficulties are not considered a “normal” part of ageing, older adults often have other conditions that put them at an increased risk of developing a swallowing disorder.


Therefore, it’s important to have a Speech Pathologist support individuals with their mealtime and swallowing concerns.  Using an evidence-based approach, we specialise in assessment and management of speech, swallowing, voice and communication difficulties within the Aged Care sector.

Benefits of our Speech Pathologists 

Easy referral process to cut paperwork and reduce clinical staff workload

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Recommendations are practical and easy for the facility to adopt

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Consistent and thorough documentation in line with legislative practice

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Proactive service for the management and review of residents

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Telehealth options for both swallowing and communication assessments 

Improve resident and family satisfaction

Our approach minimises complaints and improves resident and family satisfaction

This clear communication style in explaining the speech pathology advice with staff, residents and families will:

  • reduce clinical staff time

  • provide families with an opportunity to understand and express any concerns

  • minimise the risk of residents experiencing serious medical episodes as a result of choking or aspiration

Our team is experienced in managing complex dysphagia, medically unstable residents, high or known aspiration risk, PEG feeds, head and neck cancer, and palliative care.

Conditions we manage include:

  • Swallowing impairments

  • Speech Impairments

  • Language or communication impairments

  • Voice impairments

IDDSI Training

Our IDDSI training is comprehensive, evidenced-based and personable. We provide two hour in-depth information on not only implementing IDDSI, but additionally why it is important knowledge for each unique role in the healthcare field.  Presented LIVE by our Certified Practising Speech Pathologist!

5 reasons why you need IDDSI Training

IDDSI training is very important for many reasons, and we are here to help you understand why.
Upcoming IDDSI Sessions

Onsite or Group sessions for your home available. Please contact us for availability and pricing. 

Education Sessions

Improve resident care by expanding the knowledge of your staff.

We have 12 quick education sessions to designed to provide in-depth knowledge on Speech Pathology in Aged Care.  These educations sessions are designed Nurses, Care staff, Food service staff, Kitchen staff, Care Directors, and Lifestyle staff. These sessions can be presented by our Speech Pathologists while onsite or virtually.

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No minimum numbers per session
Asset 111.png
Each session is no longer than 30 minutes
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Held virtually on a day and time that suits you

Topics include Supportive Feeding Techniques, Dementia Mealtime Assistance, Mouth Care and more. Contact us for the full list of education sessions and pricing.

Comprehensive IDDSI onsite audits 

Our qualified Speech Pathologists provide comprehensive onsite audits of your organisations’ International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) processes. This is essential to ensure residents are receiving food and fluids that are prepared to the right texture or consistency to provide a safe and enjoyable mealtime experience.

Aged Care Speech Pathology enquiry


Thank you for contacting us. One of our speech pathologists will be in contact soon

Our Speech Pathologists see patients through our private clinic as well as within Aged Care Homes. To make a private appointment, please call the office on (03) 9560 1844 or visit our clinic page for more details.

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