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We conduct all facets of Food Safety, WHS, Cleaning compliance & internal auditing.

Our auditors will guide and support you to ensure you meet national regulations and outcomes. Our in-depth knowledge of legislation and hospitality experience will contribute to your Class 1 food service business overall success.

Class 1 high Risk Food Safety auditors


All class 1 food businesses that choose to develop their own independent (nonstandard) food safety programs must be audited regularly.  Each State and Territory will have different regulations on the frequency, but the national minimum is one audit per year.

Government accredited Auditors


Audits must be conducted by a department-approved food safety auditor who is certified as competent to conduct audits. OSCAR Care Group has experienced Auditors that are qualified to perform Independent Food Safety Audits and provide advice to help you to navigate the complexity of the legislation. All our auditors are Level 4 High Risk qualified.


Types of Audits

3rd party Independent Food Safety Audits

Food Safety Internal and Gap audits

Housekeeping Quality Audits

Comprehensive IDDSI onsite audits

A audit of your organisations’ International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) processes is essential to ensure residents are receiving food and fluids that are prepared to the right texture and consistency. Not only will this audit ensure that that food and fluid is safe but also enjoyable mealtime experience for residents. An IDDSI onsite Audit is completed by our qualified Speech pathologists.

Audit enquiry

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