OSCAR Care Group Auditors contribute to your success through in-depth knowledge of legislation and hospitality experience.

According to national regulation in the Food Standards CodeChapter 3 – Food Safety Programs for Food Service to Vulnerable Persons, food businesses that prepare food for service to vulnerable persons are required to implement a food safety program.

The Code and therefore the implementation of the food safety program is enforced by State and Territory and New Zealand agencies and the Department of Agriculture for imported food. Each State and Territory will have different regulations on the frequency but the national minimum is one audit per year.

OSCAR Care Group has experienced Auditors that are qualified to perform Independent Food Safety Audits and provide advice to help you to navigate the complexity of the legislation. OSCAR Auditors are all Level 4 High Risk qualified.


OSCAR Care Group can conduct:
Internal Quality Audits: In-house cleaning & contracted services
Food Safety Gap Audits
3rd Party Food Safety Compliance Audits
Annual Review (Maintenance Program)

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