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Nutritional Education Sessions for Residential Aged Care homes

Increase your staff’s knowledge and skills to improve resident’s overall quality of life, care and health by holding regular educational session with the help of our Dietitians. We are the go-to source for Nutrition in Aged Care as everything is evidence-based and developed by expert Dietitians with years of experience in Aged Care sector. 

Topics for Residential Aged Care

Choose from our massive range of nutritional topics including:

  • Portion Perfection

  • Dementia

  • Diabetes Management in Aged Care

  • Cultural diversity in food

  • Food Fortification

  • HEHP Diet,

  • Nutrition in Palliative Care

  • and so much more!

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Our Nutritional education sessions

Nutrition is everyone’s responsibility! Improve Resident’s quality of life and health by training your staff. Our Nutritional training sessions can be… 

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onsite or virtually anywhere around Australia.  

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no minimum attendance numbers

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Book a day and time that suits your home and staff.

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Expert Aged Care nutritional information 

Nutritional education sessions options

Short Nutritional educational sessions

We have 32 quick education sessions designed to provide in-depth knowledge on Dietetics in Aged Care. These educations sessions are designed for Nurses, care staff, food service staff, kitchen staff, care directors, and lifestyle staff. 

  • No minimum staff numbers per session

  • Each session is no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Onsite or virtually on a day and time that suits your home and staff.


Contact us for the full list of education sessions and pricing.

Full & half day Nutritional educational sessions

We can also tailor a full and half training day, tailored to your individual home’s needs.  This may include new subjects, merge a bunch of topics together or more in-depth training on a single topic such as Food Fortification and the HEHP Diet.  Let us know what your home needs, and we’ll create a training plan for you.  

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Food Fortification and HEHP Training for Aged Care Homes

Food Fortification and HEHP Training is one of our most important training sessions for Residential Aged Care homes. Learn how to fight malnutrition in aged care settings with our in-depth Food Fortification and HEHP Training. Learn the importance of the food first approach, food fortification and the HEHP Diet in Aged Care with practical food fortification tips to put in place. 

Food Fortification and HEHP Training is best to covered in a longer session, and use our 30-minute sessions are a refresher for staff. We can hold a High Energy, High Protein (HEHP) interactive workshop for your kitchen staff with taste testing and recipes and more.  

Become legendairy and make every mouthful count!!! 
  • Is there an online version?
    The PDF copy is included within the folder on a USB, as the training isn't available online. Using the PDF copy, individuals Food Handlers can flick through via their desktop or laptop. Alternatively, your Food Safety Supervisor can present the PDF to a group of food handlers too.
  • Is this training only for Aged Care homes and Childcare Centres?
    No. With the new Food Standard code 3.2.2A coming into effect December 8th, 2023 more business who handle food will be required to train their staff to remain compliant. Businesses such as Restaurants, takeaways, cafes, school canteens. Our Food Safety Training covers it all.
  • Does this training meet the new requirements under 3.2.2A for training food handlers?
    Yes. Under Food Standard Code 3.2.2A, food handlers are required to complete Food Safety level 1 training and be able to demonstrate and understand 4 areas of knowledge: safe food handling contamination cleaning & sanitising and personal hygiene. Our training covers all 4 areas and more!
  • Who is a food handler?
    The definition of a Food Handler is anyone that performs any task that involves making, cooking, preparing, serving, packing, displaying, storing, or the delivery of food as well as anyone who cleans equipment, utensils, surfaces, or cutlery.
  • Is this training pack accredited?
    This Training folder is non-accredited training, however we do offer this option. Go to https://www.oscarcaregroup.com.au/food-safety-basic-food-handling-course for more information on our accredited Food Safety Level 1 course.
  • Do the answers have to be reviewed by a Food Safety Supervisor?
    Ideally yes. Your Food Safety Supervisor oversees the day-to-day food safety requirements of the business and they must have the authority to supervise and give directions about food safety within your business.
  • How much does this Food Safety Level 1 Non-accredited training pack cost?
    $149 This cost is inclusive of GST and Delivery within Australia.
  • How long will it take to arrive?
    Roughly 5 - 10 business days. Once your order is confirmed, we will dispatch the pack within 2-3 business days. Post is included with the cost, so depending on your location it will then arrive within 3-5 business days from dispatch.

Other Dietetic services for Aged Care

Menu Reviews & Developement

Get our experts onboard today to assist you with your Aged Care menus!

One-on-one with Aged Care residents

Our Dietitians can come out to your aged care home and tailor a nutritional assessment for your residents.

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