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IDDSI Training


Our IDDSI training is comprehensive, evidenced-based and personable. We provide in-depth information on not only implementing IDDSI, but additionally why it is important knowledge for each unique role in the healthcare field. For example, how IDDSI is relevant as a nurse or support worker, compared to as a chef.

Learn how you want


Virtual & Face-to-face

What is IDDSI? 


The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) is the framework to standardised terminology and testing methods to describe texture modified foods and thickened fluids.


Why is IDDSI training important?


According to Speech Pathology Australia, a significant proportion (16-22%) of Australians over the age of 50 years, experience dysphagia. It is likely that you or someone you know will be impacted in one way or another by Dysphagia in your lifetime. Therefore, it is a shared responsibility of the broader population to be educated on managing this, using the most up to date research evidence-based practice and appropriate strategies.

Whilst Chef’s have the role of preparing and cooking food to the right consistencies and guidelines, nursing staff and support workers are typically the people providing mealtime assistance. They will often be the first people to notice if someone is served the wrong food or fluid consistency, or if an individual is coughing when drinking or eating. Our nurses, support workers, and carers spend the most time with the individual with dysphagia, and therefore their knowledge of IDDSI could be the difference between someone experiencing more severe dysphagia consequences or intervening before this occurs.

Evidence-based and comprehensive IDDSI training 


Our IDDSI training is comprehensive, evidenced-based and personable. We can discuss your facility, home or individual that you are working with and identify what food and fluid levels are more common for you, and narrow-down on this area if requested e.g. if an Aged-Care facility receiving training has more individuals on a Level 6 – Soft Bite sized diet compared to other levels, we can spend more time detailing this level during the session. 

There are fantastic opportunities for questions and answers during the IDDSI training, and follow-up consultations from one of our Speech Pathologists or Dieticians after the training if this is required by an individual or facility.

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Anyone working with people with dysphagia requires IDDSI training. 

IDDSI Training details

Course outline


The following subjects are included in the IDDSI training session:​

  • Identifying Dysphagia

  • What is IDDSI

  • Texture Modified Diets

  • IDDSI Food and Fluid Testing Methods

  • Fluid Testing Methods


Entry level; no requirements to enrol into this course. ​


OSCAR Care Group's IDDSI Training is developed & presented by Allied Health professionals.

Who needs IDDSI training?

IDDSI Training is important for a wide range of individuals. This includes, but is not limited to:

Aged Care staff 

including Chefs, nurses, nursing students on clinical /ilacement, volunteers, external support workers and Allied Health professionals such as Dieticians and Speech Pathologists

Disability support staff 

Support workers across individual homes, supported independent living (SIL) accommodation and community settings

Family members and friends 

Family members and friends caring for someone living with a Disability or Elderly population experiencing swallowing difficulties

Enrol today

Enrol today

Learn how it works for you! We offer this IDDSI Training in a number of ways – choose Face-to-face, virtually or onsite! There’s a time and place to suit you! 


Virtual & Face-to-face

Virtual & Face

Virtual & Face-to-Face sessions

We run a IDDSI Training session at the end of each month*, either virtually or Face-to-face with our Training room in Mount Waverley. See upcoming dates below.

COST $75 per person

Single 2 hour session


*There are no training sessions held in December or January

IDDSI Training
IDDSI Training
29 Sept 2022, 1:30 pm
Virtual (via Teams)

Upcoming sessions

No upcoming events at the moment

Onsite Group sessions
IDDSI Training


Gather all your staff and hold a face-to-face IDDSI training session at your location! An easy way to get everyone compliant at once. 

COST $790 + travel & GST

Min. 6 - Max. 16 people

Single 3 hour session

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