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OSCAR Care Group offers nationally accredited      and non-accredited training courses for the Aged Care, Childcare, Hospitality & Health Sectors.

Categories: Food Safety Training, Allied Health Training & OLearning

1-1 training; group sessions; your premises or ours.

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Food Safety Training 

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Food Safety Supervisor: In-person training
HLTFSE00(1,2,5), SITXFSA00(1,2), FBPFSY100(1,2)
Food Safety Supervisor: Community & Health
Online: Combines HLTFSEE01, HLFTSE005 & HLTFE007
NSW Food Safety Supervisor: Community & Health
Online: NSWRPL NSW FSS Recertification
Food Safety Supervisor: Hospitality and Retail
Online: Combines SITXFSA001 & SITXFSA002
Basic Food Handling
In-person training: HLTFSE001, SITXFSA001, FBPFSY1001
Basic Food Handlers: Community & Health
Online: FS1-CH Food Safety Level 1
Basic Food Handlers: Hospitality & Retail
Online: FS1-CH Food Safety Level 1
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Food Safety Refresher (non-accredited)
In-person training
Present Food & Texture Modified Foods & Fluids
In-person training
Food Presentation, Dining Experience & Budgets
In-person training
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IDDSI - International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Training
In-person training
Nutrition Workshops
Diabetes, Allergies, Hydration, Malnutrition, HEHP
Catering for Individual Diets in Aged Care
In-person training
Childcare Nutrition Education
In-person training for staff or parents
Childcare Speech Education
In-person training
Childcare Feeding Education
In-person training
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