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Stay compliant with our Childcare Food Safety Program

Go into your annual audits with ease, knowing your Food Safety Program handles your childcare centre needs accurately.  It’s simple, when your food safety program is completed correctly and adhered too, your centre will be compliant!  As your Childcare centre serves food to the very young, it is considered a Class 1 food serve premise which requires a Food Safety Program. A food Safety Program outlines the food handling process to manage risks of potentially hazardous foods to the very young.  

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Be compliant for less

Only $595
for childcare centres

Excludes GST & delivery for a childcare Food Safety Program. Workbooks are an additional cost. 

Our Childcare Food Safety Program is...

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and straight forward making it user-friendly to all food staff

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to your individual centre needs

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Meets current and specific legislative requirements for childcare centres

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Includes ongoing support from our food safety experts

Our Food Safety experts will guide you through the process


We have extensive history developing food safety programs as well as food safety auditing within the childcare industry. Meet specific legislative requirements for Childcare centres with our Food Safety Program. We build a Food Safety Program specifically for your centre to meet your individual needs, help you implement it with the centre and check in to ensure your Food Safety Program is working for you.


It’s all part of our support to help you deliver five-star care.

What is a Food Safety Program within a Childcare centre?


It’s your rule book! Your complete handbook to everything food related within the centre. How to handle high risks foods, Hygiene standards, food allergy management, how to store food, Danger temperature zones, food preparation & reheating, temperatures monitoring, cleaning, waste management and more.


Your Food Safety Program is your go-to book to keep children safe!

Why does a Childcare centre need a Food Safety program?


Children under five have weakened immune systems and are more susceptible to infectious diseases and more likely to suffer with severe symptoms. Because of this, Childcare centres fall under the Standard 3.3.1 Food Safety Programs for Food Service to vulnerable persons code. This means each centre must implement a documented and audited food safety program. 

Each Food Safety Program is tailored to your childcare centre!


  • Effectively support your daily food handling operations

  • Accurately reflect your centre’s processes

  • Capture food safety hazards to stay compliant

Cut your admin time in half with our Monthly Workbooks!

Simplify record keeping by including workbooks as part of your Food Safety program. 

Our Workbooks simplify your daily / weekly documents to ensure nothing gets lost as well streamlines the process for staff. Every form you require to complete within a month will be bound together, it’s part of our practical approach to food safety!

Workbooks are individual to your centre to your match your food safety Program, this may include Cleaning Schedules, Daily Record Forms, Goods Receival and Catering Inspection forms. Walk into your annual audit with ease, knowing all your required documentation is ready to go.

Is your Food Safety Program up to date?

Your Food Safety Program must accurately reflect the food handling processes within the centre to be compliant. Find out how your Food Safety Program remains compliant.
Food Safety Program compliant with childcare centres
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