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Our HEHP Recipe Book is  coming soon. Express your interest today!

Thanks for expressing your interest in HEHP Recipe Book. You'll be one of the first to know when it's released.

What's a HEHP diet?

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Want FREE HEHP Recipes?

Take a look at these...

RECIPE HEHP Chocolate Cheesecake for Aged Care

RECIPE: HEHP Chocolate Cheesecake

 This is a great dessert or an afternoon tea idea to help minimise weight loss and risk of malnutrition in aged care.  

RECIPE HEHP Cheesy Mashed Potato for Aged Care

RECIPE: HEHP Cheesy Mashed Potato

This is a next level HEHP mashed potato recipe, with the goal to add extra energy and protein with every mouthful. 

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