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Fight Malnutrition rates with our Aged Care Dietitians

Having our expert Aged Care Dietitians available on hand is essential to provide individualised support to help meet specific energy, protein and nutrition requirements of your residents. This is especially important, as many residents rely entirely on their aged care homes’ food supply to meet all their nutritional needs.

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Let's showcase the best food your Aged Care home has to offer

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Benefits of our Aged Care Dietitians

Benefits of OSCAR Care Group Aged Care Dietitians

We're experienced in the Aged Care industry

Aged Care Dietitians around Australia

We have our superstar Dietitians located all around Australia.

OSCAR Care Group Aged Care Dietitians care for residents

We care about your staff, residents and their families

Aged Care Dietitians provide nutrition education

We offer as a large array of nutrition educations for residents, families and staff. 

OSCAR Care Group Aged Care Dietitians Food first approach

We aim for a food first approach with the goal to enhance each resident’s quality of life.

Our evidence-based approach to dietetics

Our Dietetic Vision is to enhance the health and quality of life for all residents. By delivering effective evidence-based nutritional advice with ongoing education, support and collaboration with members of the Care Team and the resident.

With our 17 qualified Dietitians across Australia, we provide expert Dietetic advice in line with the latest evidence-based practice. All OSCAR Care Group Dietitians are proudly Accredited Practising Dietitians through Dietitians Australia.

Our Dietitian services in Aged Care

aged care dietitians provide one on one support to residents

One-on-one with Aged Care residents 

Our Dietitians can come out to your aged care home and tailor a nutritional assessment for your residents.


This provides individualised support for each resident you refer, considering medications, medical history, weight history, biochemistry, diet history, personal preferences, clinical factors and nutritional requirements. We will then create a personalised plan to improve the nutritional status of each resident reviewed. This is what our Dietitians do best! With our team all around Australia, we can cater to your residents and provide one-on-one support.

More dietetics services

By having our Dietitians on board at your aged care home, we can also complete the following:

Complete malnutrition screening and assessment package
Malnutrition screening
Healthy weight reviews and auditing
Oral nutrition supplement reviews and auditing
Nutrition management for dementia
Dietary Support Policy & Procedure Review

Menu Review & development

Our Dietitians are Aged Care menu experts!  Either have your 4-week cyclic menus reviewed with the Mandatory Aged Care Menu & Mealtime Quality Assessments or a simple desktop review. Or we can build a menu from scratch!

Stay compliant and have every menu, every season reviewed by a Dietitian.

Education Sessions

Increase your staff’s knowledge and skills to improve resident’s overall quality of life, care and health.

We have 32 education sessions designed to provide in-depth knowledge on Dietetics in Aged Care. These educations sessions are designed for Nurses, care staff, food service staff, kitchen staff, care directors, and lifestyle staff. 

  • No minimum staff numbers per session

  • Each session is no longer than 30 minutes

  • Onsite or virtually on a day and time that suits your home and staff


We can also tailor a full training day, tailored to your individual home’s needs upon request, this may include new subjects or longer sessions.

Meet our Aged Care Dietitians!

We have wonderful, talented and passionate bunch of Dietitians around Australia to support your Aged Care residents and nutrition program. Our team love what they do!

All our Dietitians are proudly Accredited Practising Dietitians through Dietitians Australia

Accredited Practising Dietitians

Aged Care Dietitian enquiry


Thank you for contacting us. One of our Dietitians will be in contact soon

Our Dietitians see patients through our private clinic as well as within Aged Care Homes. To make a private appointment, please call the office on (03) 9560 1844 or visit our clinic page for more details.

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