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Nurture growing bodies with a menu reviewed by a Dietitian

Nutrition is science!

We know all too well that understanding the nutritional guidelines is no easy task. Infants and toddlers have a unique demand for certain nutrients to support their growth, development, and loads of activity. This is why it is recommended that childcare centres enlist support from Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs). Our Dietitians have the training and skills required to develop a menu in accordance with current standards and guidelines. We’re here to support you to develop a delicious and nutritious menu within your childcare centre.

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Advantages of a Childcare Menu Reviewed or Developed by a Dietitian

Peace of mind

that the children within your care are meeting their nutrition requirements with menus aligning with current standards and guidelines.  After all healthy kids are happy kids!

Manage allergies, intolerances, textures and cultural preferences.

Our Dietitians takes into count the unique requirements for your individual centre. There may be a nut-free policy in place with a few dairy allergies and a range of nationalities. We build a menu based on your centre’s unique requirements. 


Point of difference in a competitive industry.

Stand out from your competitors and offer families assurance of nutritious and delicious menus by a Dietitian.

Childcare menu requirements


In long daycare centres, children are usually served a minimum of one main meal and two snacks (usually in the form of a morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea). Therefore, the menu provided should aim to meet majority of children’s dietary requirements.

Dietitians help design a menu that is based on the core 5 food groups


  • culturally sensitive foods (where applicable),

  • lots of variety (menus are usually developed over a 4-week cycle to avoid repetition),

  • exposure to different textures, colours and tastes (e.g. crunchy and soft), and

  • limiting discretionary foods and fluids (e.g. juice, soft drinks and packaged treats).


This not only ensures that the menu is nutritious, but delicious, seasonal and appropriate for the children.

Childcare Menu Options

Menu Review

A thorough review by an Accredited Practising Dietitian to ensure your centre is meeting requirements and adhering to current guidelines.  Our team will work with you on recommendations and what changes your menu may require ensuring your menu is nutritionally compliant.

Develop a menu from scratch with a Dietitian

Ideal for newly opened centres or centres who want a fresh start. Our Team will build a 4 -week cyclic childcare menu that is seasonally appropriate and individualised to your centre while meeting nutritional guidelines. Our team will create a personalised menu tailored to your child care centre’s requirements, demographic, staff capabilities and specific requirements, all while adhering to the Healthy Advisory Service Guidelines. 

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