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We’re so proud of our Dietitians

In a world where every celebrity, social media influencer and even your neighbour thinks they are nutrition experts, many people are confused as to what dietitians do. Dietitians are often perceived by society as the “food police”, the weight loss dictators and the diet advocates…. however, the field of dietetics is so diverse, these stereotypes only portray one tiny piece of the jigsaw puzzle!

Dietitians’ day is an annual celebration of our wonderful Dietitians across the country and is hosted this year on the 30th September by Dietitians Australia. This year, the event is focused on the #ProudToBe theme, celebrating those little career wins and accomplishments and a time to acknowledge and thank all the hardworking professionals making positive change to the society and communities we live in.

Dietitian vs Nutritionist

Dietitians are tertiary-qualified experts in food and nutrition who have been trained to offer health advice that is specialised to your needs. Often, we hear the terms nutritionist and Dietitian being used interchangeably; however it is important to note that not all nutritionists are Dietitians. As a profession, nutritionists aren’t registered and often don’t carry with them the extensive qualifications and training of that of a Dietitian. Dietitians Australia is our registered body here in Australia and Dietitians who are registered for Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) status must undergo further education and professional development, as well as adhere to a code of conduct - meaning you can be sure you are receiving education and care from a professional that is evidenced based, client-centred, ethical and always up-to-date!

What does a Dietitian do?

Here at OSCAR Care Group, we have 17 extraordinary APDs providing dietetic service to residential aged care facilities, childcare centres, community members and businesses across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Our team is diverse in culture, skill and knowledge and we work collaboratively to provide you with the best holistic care in all facets of dietetics.

Aged care Dietitian


We work with residents of care facilities to provide 1:1 nutrition assessments, assist with training programs for staff on nutrition topics (e.g. wound healing, malnutrition, dehydration) and work with kitchen staff and chefs to improve menus and implement food fortification techniques.

Childcare dietitian


Our dietitians assist childcare facilities with menu planning and/or auditing in accordance with national/state food and nutrition guidelines, frameworks and laws to ensure children in care get a healthy start to their food and nutrition journey.

NDIS Dietitian

Here, our dietitians provide a space for 1:1 dietetic counselling to the wider community including NDIS, DVA and Medicare referrals on a broad range of health conditions (e.g., diabetes, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders etc.) either at home, in our private practice or via telehealth.

Our Dietitians are also experienced with Recipe development, Analysis and Menu Review and Development for the Aged Care and Childcare industries. In true foodie fashion, our OSCAR dietitians love to assist with comprehensive menu and recipe development to ensure our clients are providing a food service that is meeting Commonwealth standards/regulations but also culturally sensitive and nutritionally diverse.

Our team is passionate, perceptive, persistent and most of all PROUD to be able to support those young, old and in-between on their nutrition and healthcare journey. Congratulations and thank you to the OSCAR Care Group Dietetics Team, and happy Dietitians Day!


Lauren Goffredo, Accredited Practising Dietitian for OSCAR Care Group

Celebrating today and Proud to be an APD!

"Dietitians’ day is a special day to celebrate dietitians across Australia. With the social media platforms there is so much misinformation on nutrition out there. This can be one of the most frustrating things as a Dietitian. I am proud to be a dietitian as I feel despite the abundance of misinformation us dietitians are still available and we have the skills and expertise to remain nonjudgmental, listen, and adjust nutrition to suit particular lifestyles, people, and goals. I am proud to be a Dietitian as I can help people in a practical and sustainable way, whilst busting the myths and misinformation that are around." - Mae Wilson, OSCAR Care Group Dietitian

" Being a Dietitian means that I can make a positive impact in terms of nutrition based on residents needs and help them in their nutrition journey. I am proud to be an APD as I can assist aged care residents in experiencing joy, happiness and comfort through food." - Ashma Burathoki, OSCAR Care Group Dietitian

"I feel truly thankful for the responsibility I have taken on to be a Dietitian. I consider myself honoured to be welcomed into someone's home or their room in an aged care centre and asked to sit down and chat to them about their most personal details. The people that I talk to have years of life experience that they are happy to share with me so that I may assist them with their nutritional needs, and for this I thank them." - Natascha Rae, OSCAR Care Group Dietitian

"I am so grateful to be a Dietitian and make a positive different to children, adolescents and residents across Australia. I love being able to bring a smile to the residents faces, show I care and sometimes even make someone’s day – this brings me so much joy! I am so proud to be an APD and I am so proud to work with so many wonderful APDs on the OSCAR Care Group Dietitian team!" - Kiarra Martindale, OSCAR Care Group Dietitian

"I have always loved being a Dietitian because I love helping people and love seeing people achieve their health goals and living their lives to their full potential. I am proud to be an APD because I have always been passionate about providing the highest quality care to my patients and residents." - Justine Botros, OSCAR Care Group Dietitian

" No matter our age, gender, cultural background or socio-economic status, food is one of the few commonalities that we all share. Food is fuel, it is comfort, it creates a sense of nostalgia and is a way we can connect with each other.

Coming from a big Italian family, food has always been a prominent part of my life. Our celebrations, gatherings and festivities revolve around sharing a meal and I have been brought up surrounded by a plethora of traditional recipes and food preparation techniques and which have influenced my own food and nutrition pathways throughout my life.

My favourite part of being a dietitian is the opportunity to get to explore food culture and how it stems from the many hundreds of countries and cultural backgrounds across the globe. Being a dietitian gives me the power to nurture these connections with my diverse client base and tailor a nutrition care plan that is not only helpful in achieving their healthcare goals, but can also improve their overall quality of life, mealtime enjoyment, family satisfaction and comfort during difficult times by reflecting on their food history. Nothing makes me prouder than helping an elderly resident in aged care who may have lost their food culture and identity when admitted, reconnect with food and better their physical and emotional health." - Lauren Goffredo, OSCAR Care Group Dietitian


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