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Aged Care Dietitians: Why we love what we do [VIDEO]

Our Allied Health team consists of passionate and qualified Dietitians. Our evidence-based approach to dietetics means, we can support your nutrition program to ensure five star care to our most vulnerable Australians.

Our Dietitians regularly see the benefits of their expertise firsthand. To go from having a resident being immobile or lethargic, to be able to truly embrace their aged care experience and enjoy their life after dietetic interventions is why we believe in our work. Our most vulnerable Australians deserve the best care possible.

Why I love being a Dietitian in Aged Care

“My favourite thing about being a Dietitian in aged care is being able to work with residents and their families to meet their goals” – Claudia, OSCAR Dietitian VIC

“With so much misinformation out there, the best aspect of being a Dietitian is being able to be a source of evidence-based nutrition knowledge in order to help people to work together to optimise their quality of life and better their health” – Dana, OSCAR Dietitian NSW

“As a Dietitian, I have the opportunity to improve lives daily by addressing nutritional inadequacies to provide a better quality of life.” – Tash, OSCAR Dietitian QLD Sunshine Coast

“I love the opportunity to collaborate with both residents, families, care staff, nursing staff and kitchen staff to provide a great nutritional service.” - Simone, OSCAR Dietitian SA

“My favourite thing about being a Dietitian in aged care is being able to help people and their loved ones optimise their quality of life” – Hannah, OSCAR Dietitian VIC

“I absolutely love being a Dietitian because I get to improve the lives of so many and help minimise the risk of malnutrition every day” – Kiarra, OSCAR Dietitian VIC

“I love being a Dietitian in aged care because you really see the difference you’re making in people’s quality of life.” – Kaylee, OSCAR Dietitian ACT & NSW

“It’s very rewarding to go back to the facility to see all the interventions that we’ve done have actually benefited someone.” – Farah, OSCAR Dietitian NSW

We love our OSCAR Dietitians and are proud to celebrate our wellbeing champions, not only this Dietitians’ week, but every week. #DietitiansImproveLives.


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