We support your nutrition program

By consulting with our qualified Dietitians, we can support your nutrition program to ensure five star care to our most vulnerable Australians.  

Having our expert Dietitians available on hand is essential to provide individualised support to help meet specific energy, protein and nutrition requirements of your residents. Especially as many residents rely entirely on their facilities’ food supply to meet all of their nutritional needs. Our Accredited Practising Dietitians have completed extensive study at university and continue to undertake ongoing training to ensure that they are up-to-date and a credible source of nutrition information to your facility.

Our evidence-based approach to dietetics

With our 16 qualified Dietitians across Australia, we are able to provide expert Dietetic advice in line with the latest evidence-based practice.

Due to factors, such as poor appetite, chronic disease and increased functional dependency, people living in residential care are more likely to be at risk of malnutrition. By having consistent dietetic support on hand, it has been shown to reduce the ongoing health effects and financial costs relating to malnutrition. Wounds, falls, hospital admission and additional staff costs can reduce by consulting regularly with our Dietitians.

Our dietetics services

Menu development

Careful planning of a menu is essential to enhance the nutritional value of the food supply and above all, to encourage residents to eat. We ensure a menu is suitable to all texture modified consistencies, variety, seasons and different menu cycles, while tailoring this to suit your residents’ preferences. 


This is what our dietitians do best!

Menu review

Our Dietitians can complete a full and comprehensive review of your 4-week cyclic menu to ensure it complies with current Commonwealth Standards and Regulations.  

We can complete the new Gold Standard compliance review and report as recommended by the Dietitians Australia or the simple desktop review. Stay compliant and book in a menu review with our Dietitians today.

One-on-one with Aged Care residents  

Our Dietitians can come out to your aged care facility and tailor a nutritional assessment for your residents. This provides individualised support for each resident you refer, considering medications, medical history, weight history, biochemistry, diet history, personal preferences, clinical factors and nutritional requirements. We will then create a personalised plan to improve the nutritional status of each resident reviewed.

Training & education workshops

Our qualified Dietitians can present nutrition and hydration training sessions and workshops for your nursing, catering and care staff. This may assist in targeting any areas that require improvement as well as increase your staff’s knowledge and skills for overall resident quality of life, care and health.

More dietetics services

Complete malnutrition screening and assessment package

Healthy weight review and auditing

Nutrition management for dementia

Oral nutrition supplement review and auditing

Malnutrition screening

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