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What Aged Care Chefs need to know about IDDSI

New Aged Care Quality standards

Women's Health advice & strategies

Asthma causes, symptoms & triggers


Tips to help keep hearts healthy

Strategies to ensure optimal hydration in care facilities

5 Ways to prevent Iron Deficiency anaemia in children


18 Tips for the elderly experiencing loss of appetite

How to improve children’s oral health

Dysphagia: Information & free resources

10 delicious Pureed Food recipes by Unilever

12 ideas on how to boost children’s veggie intake


Avoid Food Poisoning through Safe Food handling

Dietitian's advice & FREE Printable: 5 Food Groups & Portions by Age

Are you ready for IDDSI?

Information on cross contamination & chopping boards

How to reduce salt in children’s diets

How to interpret food labels  


Tips to minimise Eggs risks    

10 Tips: Keeping Seniors Safe in Summer Heat     

Avoid Food Poisoning through Safe Food handling     

Dehydration & the Elderly: Risks, warning signs & prevention    

Ways to Keep kids healthily hydrated this Summer!    

Tips to improve Food Safety in Summer

2018 articles:

April: Safe handling of Fruits and Vegetables

12 ideas on how to boost children’s veggie intake

May: Iron Deficiency in Toddlers

What do OSCAR Dietitians do

Food Allergies, Triggers & How to avoid them

Lupins & How to Control Allergens/Food Intolerances

June: Nutrients that can help boost immunity

Our new dietitian, Emmanuel -qualifications & dietetics views

Healthy Snack ideas to meet nutritional needs in Winter

Healthy Snack ideas- Children’s nutritional needs in Winter

More Oranges in Winter? Watch your sugar intake!


July: 4 ways to Celebrate World Chocolate Day at your facility!

Information about diabetes

Information on OSCAR Hospitality Training

How to enjoy Chocolate in a well-balanced & nutritious diet

How to interpret Food Labels

Information on OSCAR Hospitality nutrition training


August: What are EGID's and the Top 8 challenge

How a FODMAPS diet can assist with IBS

What are oral nutritional supplements?

September:10 Dietary Tips to reduce your risk of stroke

15 Tips from Speech Pathologists for successful  communication with the elderly

The Aged Care Dining Experience

OSCAR Hospitality's Texture Modified Food Roadshow

What are oral nutritional supplements?

Australian Native Food

Dangers of Potassium mixed with hypertension medication

Food Allergies, Triggers & How to avoid them

October: Healthy Eating for Healthy Ageing

12 ideas on helping elderly people boost their veggie intake 

Healthy eating & physical activity for kids 

November: Osteoporosis & a sample menu plan for the elderly

Information on food poisoning risks & treatment

Avoiding Malnutrition for older persons

Tips to prevent the spreading of illnesses

Ways to prepare fruits & the 3 BEST Fruits this Summer!