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The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence: Vicky Mardiryan

OSCAR Care Group industry award winner Vicky Mardiryan

We are delighted to introduce Vicky Mardiryan, Disability Services Worker at the VMCH Jells Rd Children’s Respite House and recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program.

OSCAR Care Group recognises Vicky’s excellence as a committed & talented Disability Services Worker who works hard to improve the lives of the children in her care with fun, new ideas & kindness.

Loving mother & qualified Disability Services Worker

After raising her two sons, Christopher & Matthew, Vicky decided to start a career in Disability Services. Her boys are very proud of her accomplishments, and agree that she deserves this recognition. Vicky shares “My Qualification is Certificate IV in Disability. I was trained at the Job Training Institute and we also receive a lot of training on the job.” Vicky joined the VMCH Team, which she loves, and this is her 7th year with the organisation!

Vicky loves working with the disabled community

The VMCH Jells Rd Children’s Respite House has rooms for 5 children to enjoy overnight stays. Vicky says that she welcomes them to “take a break, learn new skills and make friends. It’s like a home away from home, with a landscaped back yard with a play fort, water play and trampoline!”

Helping children achieve their goals

Vicky enjoys supporting the children and helping them to achieve their goals. She shares that her favourite accomplishment each day is “Making the children laugh and seeing them happy!”

An improvement that Vicky has brought to her role is making sure that the children always have good, nutritious food when she cooks for them. Vicky takes the time to teach the children how to cook food safely, and to make good healthy meal choices.

Building rapport with the children

Vicky excels in getting to know the different children that she works with. There are regular clients who may stay one night each week, and some just come in school holidays or on occasional weekends. Vicky says, “I build rapport by working with individuals for a long period of time, giving each person individualised care. This includes administering medication, knowing them well and knowing what their overall needs are.”

The children she cares for have conditions including autism & cerebral palsy. Vicky manages difficult individual requirements by “Always falling back on my training & supporting children to self-regulate. I am patient and understanding of the individual.” Vicky has built great rapport with the children, their families and the other Disability Support Workers.

Vicky loves working with the disabled community

Typical Day as a Disability Services Worker*

  • Children wake up, some need assistance dressing & toileting

  • Prepare a nutritious breakfast for the children

  • Ensure correct medications are taken

  • Prepare them for school on schooldays

  • Take the children to school

  • On weekends or after school, take the children to parks, picnics, shopping centres

  • Enjoy learning activities like reading, cooking, art and crafts

  • Prepare lunch and dinner

  • Settle the children to bed. A staff member works overnight to ensure everyone is safe and happy.

*Based on pre-lockdown activities

Glowing feedback from her Employers

“Vicky is a wonderful Disability Services Worker, who delivers hands-on and emotional support for the residents. She has taken on the extra responsibilities of the Food Safety Supervisor role at the VMCH Disability Respite accommodation site. She also communicates with families & OSCAR Care Group’s Dietitians regarding the menus.” - Helene Anderson, VMCH Quality Coordinator


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