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How our Speech Pathologists empower individuals

Vulnerable Australians need an expert team across all facades of care. One that is typically not associated but is absolutely critical is speech pathology. For things like managing complex dysphagia, medically unstable residents, aspiration risk, head and neck cancer, assisting with palliative care and more, this is where our expert Speech Pathologists come into play. Our team is here to empower you.

The role of a Speech Pathologist

OSCAR Care Group Speech Pathologists work across a range of settings including through Aged Care Facilities, home visits in the community and within our private practice supporting teens and a range of people from young to older adults. We are passionate about helping people and educating others on the importance of Speech Pathology.

What can a Speech Pathologist do?

Speech Pathology is a fast-growing profession, and our clinicians have an extensive skill set across a range of practice areas. Our Speech pathologists can work with you on conditions that cause dysphagia or communication impairment,

Traditionally, Speech Pathology has been understood to simply be ‘helping people with their speaking’ or ‘working with others when people mispronounce words and sounds.’ However, Speech Pathology is so much more than that!

We do more than help people speak!

It may sound a little odd to those who do not know, but Speech Pathologists are also the ‘go-to’ person to support an individual with swallowing concerns. As they are extensively trained in the anatomy of the head and neck, including the muscles and nerve pathways involved in the mouth, jaw, lips, and other structures. These anatomical structures that make up the head and the neck are also involved in both speaking and swallowing.

Swallowing difficulties can be serious. Therefore, it’s important to have a Speech Pathologist support individuals with their mealtime and swallowing concerns. Using an evidence-based approach, we specialise in assessment and management of speech, swallowing, voice and communication difficulties.

Speech Pathologists and NDIS

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports hundreds of thousands of Australian with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers. If you are aged between 7 and 65 and living with a disability caused by a permanent impairment, you may be eligible for the NDIS.

Our team has NDIS experience, including the funding they have allocated to particular therapies and how to apply for assistive technology such as an iPad for communication. Our Clinic can service Self-managed and Plan-managed NDIS Participants, either via Telehealth or Face-to-face within our Mulgrave Clinic.

Natalie Ceravolo, Speech Pathologist with OSCAR Care Group
Natalie Ceravolo, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with OSCAR Care Group

We are more than excited to introduce our newest team member of OSCAR Care Group, Natalie!

Natalie Ceravolo is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who is passionate about supporting teens and adults to work towards their communication and swallowing goals. Since completing her Bachelor of Applied Science Masters in Speech Pathology from La Trobe University in 2020, Natalie has had an array of experience in the industry and is thoroughly enjoying the aged care industry with OSCAR.

“I think having a wide range of interests and passion areas is what makes working as a Speech Pathologist consistently interesting and exciting for me.”

What inspired Natalie to be a Speech Pathologist?

Natalie has been surrounded by family members who are also allied health professionals and was naturally steered towards this line of work. She has always enjoyed working and being around people. During her final year of VCE in High School, a friend experienced an Acquired Brain Injury and worked with a Speech Pathologist during their recovery process. This eye-opening experience inspired Natalie to join the profession. While studying at La Trobe University, Natalie became a therapy assistant for other adults with acquired and traumatic brain injuries. This sparked her ongoing and still current passion for working with adults with brain injuries, post-stroke rehabilitation, and neurological progressive conditions.

“I find it incredibly empowering to be able to support adults who have experienced trauma such as a stroke, brain injury or have been diagnosed with a progressive condition and help them work towards their communication goals. I find it really rewarding when someone who started with little to no confidence within themselves is able to grow and improve their communication or swallowing, and surprise themselves with how much they can achieve. To see them re-gain that confidence is the best part of my job.”

NDIS, Aged Care & Private Practice

Prior to her work with OSCAR Care Group, Natalie supported a full NDIS caseload of participants across a range of practice areas. Natalie grew other interest and passion areas, such as working with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“I am really excited about my role working as a Speech Pathologist at OSCAR Care Group. OSCAR has given me the opportunity to work across a range of different settings, such as Aged Care, home visits, and at our private clinic. I love working with my NDIS participants. I am very passionate about working in disability. Additionally, working in the Aged Care sector and with private clients at our clinic has given me more variety with my Speech Pathology caseload, to broaden my skillset in many different areas.”

Natalie is an incredible Speech Pathologist with a client-centred approach. Welcome to the OSCAR team, Natalie!!! To make an appointment with Natalie, please click here.


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