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9 ways our Dietitians improve lives

There are countless ways our Dietitians transform our health and progress our communities.

With Dietitian’s week starting today, we want to reflect on the amazing work our Dietitians do to improve lives. Dietitians truly are our champions partners to your health and wellbeing. Anyone can improve their life with the guidance of a Dietitian because we all have our own unique challenges and lifestyles. We can all commit to transforming life from the inside out.

How do they do it?

Here are some of ways how an OSCAR Care Group Dietitian can help:

1. Offering personalised nutrition advice to help us maximise our lives. Because we all have our own unique goals, challenges and lifestyles, our health and wellbeing is not one-size-fits-all.

2. Enhancing your wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to better your mental health, keep your kids healthy and happy, or even boost your energy to keep up with the day.

3. Taking the guesswork out of keeping us healthy and their personalised health expertise can teach us to better understand the foods we eat. Whether we’re eating to stay active or boost sporting performance, to manage chronic pain or a health condition, or introducing nourishing new foods to mealtimes.

4. Improving your nutrition, to improve your life with personalised advice. Ongoing and specialised training ensures that these friendly faces are the reliable and trusted choice for life-changing food and nutrition support.

5. Working alongside chefs and aged care staff to create a positive mealtime experience, and a nourishing menu to meet nutritional needs. The natural impacts of aging along with existing medical conditions places older people at a greater risk of nutrition deficiency. Our Dietitians can help you and your loved ones to be healthy as you age.

6. Helping you live with food intolerances.

And find delicious nutritious foods you enjoy eating, minimising a trigger a reaction afterwards.

7. The effects of a gastrointestinal disorder can range from minor inconvenience to debilitating pain. Affecting our physical, emotional, social and professional wellbeing, gut disorders are unpredictable and upsetting. Our Dietitians can work with you to identify which foods and habits are causing trouble, learn healthy eating strategies and enjoy the foods you like.

8. Managing your type 2 diabetes with nutrition support and advice. Good dietary management can boost your energy levels and reduce the risk of common complications such as kidney disease, amputations, and blindness. Learn the skills you need to listen to your body and live life to the fullest.

9. Improving your mood, as well as any lifestyle related health condition you may be experiencing. Physical and mental health are intertwined and eating well can improve your concentration, sleep, and stress management. Our Dietitians can help highlight the missing link.

How can an OSCAR Dietitian help you?

Through our Private Practice in Mulgrave, we can help anyone over 18 with or without a referral. Either via a telehealth, home visit or face-to-face appointment within our Mulgrave clinic. Click here to find out more detail and to make an appointment today.

For Aged Care homes and Childcare centres, our Dietitians develop menus, complete menu reviews, educate your staff on relevant nutrition topics, as well as 1-on-1 support and assessment. There are so many ways we support your nutrition program! Click here to find out more.


Acknowledgment: Dietitians Australia


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