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Why see a Physio?

Like a mechanic for a car, a Physio is a “mechanic” for a human body. Whether that means working full time as an office worker or manual labourer, or being athletic, our body would go through daily wear & tear just like a car part would! Just like a car part that is failing to work, other parts of the car would have to work harder to compensate, our bodies are the same. Then overtime and with age, you will end up with more severe injuries such as tendinopathy which take longer to rehabilitate.

Hence why, early intervention and prevention with a Physio are keys to success!

Our Physio’s priority is to focus on your function and musculoskeletal system. By utilising evidence-based techniques such as Manual Therapy, Taping, Soft Tissue Release or even Dry Needling to release your joints & muscles, to restore the movements back for function. Then we will work on strength restoration via sports or rehab type exercises tailored to your needs. So, we can get to your goals as quickly as possible!

Physio Melbourne, Mulgrave

What does a Physio Consultation look like?

A standard Physio service goes for 30 minutes with an initial appointment of 40 minutes. It entails clinical assessment and treatment that are clinically and evidence-based, to differentiate and diagnose your pain or injuries and understand the source causing the pain. A Physio then provides treatments accordingly to resolve your issue with a goal set in mind - so you could have improved quality of life to be able to move freely and prevent the issues from returning!

What to do after a Physio session & how important are regular sessions?

It is important to recognise the journey to reach our goals can vary depending on our level of “commitment” to do our homework & how regular we are with our treatment sessions.

After each session, continuing the exercises at home is just as important as the physio treatments themselves. Regularity is the key to success, which means regular sessions are also needed to make progress towards your goals! Results are never instant.

What kind of clientele do our Physios see?

Our physiotherapist treats people of ages from toddler to adult with all kinds of physical injury. It could be diagnosis and treatment of spinal (Neck, Thoracic or Lumbar (Lower back), or peripheral injuries such as Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Fingers, Pelvis Hips, Knees, Ankles, Feet, Toes. Joint sprains or strains or sporting injuries, balance and co-ordination and stretch and strengthening programs and Ergonomic advice.

Mulgrave physio for all ages

Start moving pain free!

It’s better late than never to start a journey together to get you moving pain free! Our Clinic is located in Mulgrave on Wellington road and not far from Wellington Road Monash exit. We strive to provide exceptional care at an affordable cost. Speak to our Clinic Manager, Emma for the range of options we have. We accept all private health funds, NDIS, Medicare referrals, DVA, TAC & Worksafe.


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