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Physiotherapy in Mulgrave

Make an appointment with Physiotherapists to start moving pain free. Our physiotherapists treat people of ages from toddler to adult with all kinds of physical injury. It could be diagnosis and treatment of spinal (Neck, Thoracic or Lumbar (Lower back), or peripheral injuries such as Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Fingers, Pelvis Hips, Knees, Ankles, Feet, Toes. We're here to help you keep your physique.

Meet our Physiotherapist, Subhan

Subhan has more than 9 years of experience both overseas and Australian. Fluent in Urdu, Pashto and Hindi. Subhan is passionate about treating clients with ankle pain, knee pain, neck and low back pain problems and believes successful return to work /shorter duration. Subhan believes that exercise prescription making those tailor made according to the patients’ problems and deciding optimal doses which helps to resolve problems and disabilities. 

Meet our Physiotherapist, Ying

Ying holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at Monash University.

Ying has experience working with musculoskeletal conditions, sports or work injuries, neck/ shoulder/ back pain, guidance on health and fitness, and rehabilitation post-surgeries. Ying also has an interest in women’s health, aquatic physiotherapy and pain science. Ying enjoys working with people of all ages and all backgrounds, from children up to older adults, and assisting people in improving and empowering them in getting back into what they enjoy the most. 

Ying also speaks cantonese and mandarin.

Make an appointment

Subhan, Physiotherapist

Make an appointment

Ying, Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Fees

We strive to provide exceptional care at an affordable cost. For full fees, please call 0488 901 005 and speak to our Clinic Manager for the range of options we have for physiotherapy.

Private Clients

Physiotherapy Fees In Rooms 

Initial  $100.00 (40 mins)
Review  $85.00 (30 mins)


Payable upon consultation

Rebate claimable via Private health Insurance Fund with receipt. All Private Health Insurance Funds accepted (HICAPS)

Prices as of Oct 2023

Physiotheraphist private consultations

Private Consultations
(No referral required)

Physiotheraphist private health funds

All Private Health Funds

Physiotheraphist NDIS


Physiotheraphist medicare referrals and care plans

Medicare referrals 
& DVA 

(White or Gold card holders)

Physiotheraphist TAC and worksafe

TAC & WorkSafe

We Heart NDIS.png

We care for NDIS Self-managed and Plan managed participants.

Please note we are not currently accepting NDIS clients under the early childhood intervention program.


We understand that unexpected issues can arise and you may need to cancel your appointment. We ask that cancellations are made at least 24 hours in advance.  This allows your appointment time to be given to another patient. The cancellation fee is to be paid before future appointments can be made. 

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