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Food that makes us happy

As Dietitians, we all have one thing in common, a love for good food! We understand that food gives us so much more than just nutrients, food is something to share and grow connections with, to form memories around, and bring joy to our lives and the lives of those around us. So many of us have powerful, positive memories of foods from our childhood or from special occasions that transport us back to those moments and make us feel those same feelings all over again every time we eat them.

As OSCAR Care Group Dietitians, we aspire to empower people to live healthy and balanced lives. Part of this means enjoying the foods we love. Our incredible team of Dietitians is made of a diverse group of individuals, and an equally diverse range of foods that bring us joy.

Have a read about just some of the many foods that bring us joy!


Kiarra Martindale, Accredited Practising Dietitian

I love food. Pretty much all food makes me incredibly happy, it is really unbelievable how easily I am pleased with food. My all-time favourite foods are pizza, pasta and chips – ordering these at the same time. The way the cheesiness from the pizza, completements the sauciness of the pasta and the crunchiness of the chips - I am smiling already. Jumping onto sweetness. Although I LOVE food, dessert is by far what makes me the happiest! I finish every meal, including breakfast, with something sweet to make me happy. Triple chocolate brownies warmed up with ice-cream is my all-time favourite dessert and makes me SO HAPPY. While this is available when I am out for dinner or an amazing friend bakes it for me, chocolate is fortunately always available to me. What makes me happiest? Rafaello chocolates, Lindt white chocolate with almond, Caramilk Toblerone and Caramilk marvellous creations. These all melt in the mouth and bring me so much happiness I could melt myself.

Hannah Sallay, Accredited Practising Dietitian (VIC)

My favourite thing about food is its ability to connect people, become the centrepiece for fond memories and serve as a way to show love to those around us. As such, a few foods that make me happy include sharing a picnic cheeseboard at the park with friends, having fish and chips or burgers by the beach after a long day in the water; and a homemade cheesecake brownie to celebrate a birthday.

Farah Chmaisse, Accredited Practising Dietitian (NSW)

As a Dietitian, I have a deep love and appreciation for Lebanese cuisine. The fresh and vibrant flavours, the balance of different food groups, and the emphasis on whole ingredients all align perfectly with my nutritional philosophy. I love the way the use of herbs and spices in Lebanese cooking adds depth and complexity to dishes without relying on added salt or sugar. It's a true celebration of flavour and nutrition. Eating a Lebanese meal is like a trip to the Mediterranean in every bite, it brings me joy and remind me of my heritage. It's not just about the food itself, but also the cultural and social aspect of it, the way it brings people together and the memories it creates. Lebanese cuisine has a special place in my heart, not only as a Dietitian, but also as a lover of good food.

Veronica roman, Accredited Practising Dietitian (VIC)

A lot of foods make me happy. It depends on my mood and what I feel my body needs at a particular time. Sometimes, it’s a cheese board where I can pick all my favourite cheeses (camembert and cheddar), dips, quince paste to pair with crackers, or warm sourdough bread. Often, I love yoghurt with granola and frozen raspberries. Which food would make me the happiest if I had to choose? Nuts, yoghurt, chocolate, and fruit have my heart. Personally, I love the combination of crunch and sweetness. There is nothing like a bowl of chilled fruit, with white grapes bringing me the most joy. TIP: Freeze them to make them taste like sour lollies.

Sarah Chater, Accredited Practising Dietitian (NSW)

I love Risotto!! It's such a heart-warming and cozy dish that can be matched with any flavour such as mushrooms, pumpkin, pesto, truffles and many more! Topped with lots of parmesan for a super creamy, comforting meal. So much time and love goes into stirring and slowly adding stock for the perfect consistency. It just makes me so happy! Another food that makes me happy are Avocados!! Some fresh guacamole with crunchy corn chips or the perfect smashed Avo with lemon, herbs, salt and pepper topped with cherry tomatoes, fetta and balsamic is so yummy! The creamy texture and smooth flavour are absolutely delicious. It's all I've AVO wanted.

Hilda Albeayni, Accredited Practising Dietitian (VIC)

I love fruits so much, this is my treat for the day! I would rather have any kind of fruit rather than chocolate or sweets. Boring right! Nothing beats a fruit platter after dinner. Yum! Fun fact about me: if I do not have two or three kinds of fruits at home, I would go shopping!

Ashma Burathoki, Accredited Practising Dietitian (QLD)

Food brings me immense joy. It is not only about trying different foods but the experience of sharing with family, friends, colleagues and people around me. I enjoy trying various cuisines and sharing my food journey with others. Chips has always been my favourite food from childhood. I remember being introduced to potatoes as a child by my mother when she made homemade fries. Since then, having a small packet of chips or fries has always been my favourite snack. Chips goes with all kinds of meals like burgers, pizza, sandwiches and just by itself too. I love trying delicious sauces such as aioli, chilli garlic, mayonnaise on the side that goes with fries. Whether baked, deep fried, boiled for mashed potatoes, stir fried, it is a such a versatile food. The crunchy and salty flavour of chips always makes me want to finish a whole packet. I mostly carry a packet of chips when I go for hiking, picnic or outing with friends to share. It is definitely my go to pick for any occasion.

Hannah Errington, Accredited Practising Dietitian (SA)

I have so many foods that I love, it's almost impossible to narrow it down. I love going out and trying new foods as much as possible. One food that I really enjoy it Weet-bix because I can do so many things with them, I have them with hot or cold milk, mixed into yoghurt, blended into smoothies, or baked into muesli bars!

Natascha Rae, Accredited Practising Dietitian (QLD)

All foods make me happy, especially when I am enjoying them with my partner and my family. My partner knows the way to my heart is with a good piece of steak and a glass of wine! Take me out for pizza or seafood and I will talk about the food for days! When I am in a rush baked beans are my go-to favourite for its versatility and it is quick to prepare on toast, with eggs, or as a vegetarian option for nachos while the football is on.

Margi Patel, Accredited Practising Dietitian (VIC & NSW)

I am a food addict, I love food and I live to eat. Although I am a foodie, I love fruits, especially during the summer months! I feel fruits are great alternatives for when I am craving something sweet and cold, all I have to do is open up the fridge, take out an orange and simply just squeeze the juice in my mouth directly. Oranges by far are my favourite and oranges make me the happiest.

Moe Tsubokura, Accredited Practising Dietitian (SA)

My favourite foods are rice balls! Rice ball, also known as onigiri is one of the simplest and most convenient Japanese traditional foods. Onigiri is made from cooked rice shaped into balls or triangles and it is usually wrapped with dried seaweed. My mum used to make Onigiri for my lunch when I was a child. Whenever I eat Onigiri, it reminds me my mum and brings me back to all the happy memories with my family.

Melanie Hudono, Accredited Practising Dietitian (NSW)

Pancakes are my go to for comfort food - because it's so versatile! I am a firm believer that pancakes are suitable for any meal of the day, not just dinner! You can have them with so many different toppings sweet and even savoury pancakes! My personal favourite is banana pancakes with frozen berries with yoghurt!

Anna Vassallo, Accredited Practising Dietitian (QLD)

Any food that is home grown makes me happy. I get a lot of happiness planting seeds and watching them grow into seedlings and then eventually baring fruit or vegetables that I incorporate into my family's meals. I especially experience joy when I see my children tasting the vegetables grown in our backyard and they tell me how delicious and flavoursome they are.

Kaylie Cochrane, Accredited Practising Dietitian (NSW)

As a dietitian I love food! As an athlete and a Sports Dietitian I love how food can be used to enhance sporting performance. I love knowing that I have used food as fuel to support my sporting goals. I am lactose intolerant and recently I have discovered lactose free ice cream and I could honestly eat it every day! My all-time favourite food is pineapple. I have travelled to Hawaii for sport and the Hawaiian pineapple is the best thing I have ever eaten! I love fruit especially pineapple, lychees, raspberries and mango. I also love pasta especially spaghetti bolognese.

Verlencia Chu, Accredited Practising Dietitian (SA)

The food that makes me the happiest would be takoyaki; a street food from Japan! They are tiny, crispy, gooey and piping hot balls of batter encapsulated with some vegetables and my favorite seafood; a small chunk of octopus tentacle! When it is further topped with bonito flakes and its sauces, it takes the umaminess up a notch! Yum! Whereas to satisfy the sweet tooth in me, I would always love to have a warm dessert! A warm bowl of glutinous rice ball soup or an apple pie from McDonald’s would certainly make my day!

Justine Botros, Accredited Practising Dietitian (VIC)

The experience of tasting food makes me so happy and I believe it’s so incredible how many different flavours of food can come through! There are so many foods that are my favourite foods but one that stands out is a yellow nectarine. Yellow nectarines are not only so juicy, its sweet and so tasty but also remind me of a hot summer night and summer is my favourite season!! The natural flavour is just so beautiful and it makes me so happy! It’s also really good for your body and it makes me feel good to eat fruit!!

Jackie Sheehan, Accredited Practising Dietitian (NSW)

So many foods, from simple foods like toasted sandwiches, chocolate milkshakes, macadamia nuts, or anything with cheese. My all-time favourite food is delicious passionfruit sorbet to cool down on a hot summer's day. It is so refreshing having that slightly sweet, slightly sour spoonful of delight melt in your mouth.


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