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OSCAR Care Group Allergen Cards
About one in 100 adults have allergies to particular foods like Milk, Eggs, Nuts, Soy, Wheat and Fish.


The symptoms of food allergy can include breathing problems, stomach upsets and skin rashes.
The easiest way to treat a food allergy or intolerance is to eliminate it from the diet.


To aid kitchens in creating foods that reduce the risk of allergic reactions, OSCAR Care Group has created a series of Allergen Cards, with a comprehensive list of foods to avoid.



  • Easy to understand cards that clearly indicate the foods to
    avoid on a number of potential food allergies

  • Cards cover all of the major food allergies that a kitchen can encounter.

  • Regular updates available to grow your collection

To order, or for more information,  please contact us on

1300 4 OSCAR (1300467227).


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