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We recognize and celebrate hardworking individuals for the amazing care they provide to our most vulnerable Australians.

We know that the staff within Aged Care Facilities and childcare centres are extremely hardworking, resilient, innovative and full of compassion. They often go above and beyond to provide five star care. We want to celebrate these amazing people. If you know of someone who’s doing amazing work, we would love to know about it.  

Our latest winner

Irene Panagopoulos, Laundry Officer Susan Harris, Lead educator at Indigo North Health Rutherglen OSHC

Sue's impeccable care and smiles she brings to the children’s and parents’ lives makes her a remarkable winner of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence award!

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About The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence Program

OSCAR Care Group has been recognizing awesome individuals within the industry since 2008. As our team is made up of executive chefs, auditors, food safety specialists, trainers, dietitians and speech pathologists with over 60 years’ experience in the industry - we know the extra lengths all these amazing people go to, to provide above and beyond care.


Winners receive an OSCARS Recognition of Excellence Certificate & Prize, and they will be announced as an news article featuring their photo and short biography to share their excellence with the industry.

Who can be nominated?

A facility manger, care staff, chef, cook, food service assistant, cleaner, laundry service, administration, receptionist, lifestyle coordinator, early learning educator, the list goes on!

If they work in any department of an Aged Care facility, Retirement living, Childcare centre or the Hospitality industry, they can win. No job title is excluded.

For the organization / facility

The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence Program is an individual award. Winners will feature your organisation’s or facility’s logo, location and web links and will be highlighted on our social media channels, news posts and EDMs.


We are just as proud of your staff and their incredible achievements as you are. Let’s celebrate your colleague's incredible effort together.

What makes a winner worthy?

Working with our most vulnerable Australians in aged care or childcare, already means that the staff are already a caring and compassionate bunch. However, has a particular staff member gone that extra bit further, maybe found an innovative way to improve care or reached a significant milestone. Tell us their stories about why you think your staff member is excellent, we love to hear them all.  

Take a look at some of our previous and excellent winners.  

Our proud sponsors  

A special thanks to our incredible sponsors who support us to recognize these amazing individuals.

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