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The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence: Sharon Kumar

OSCAR Care Group industry award winner Sharon Kumar

We are delighted to introduce Sharon Kumar from Villa Del Sole Aged Care in Glenroy and recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program.

OSCAR Care Group recognises Sharon’s excellence & skill in passionately fulfilling all the needs of her residents at Villa Del Sole Aged Care Residence.

Sharon grew up in beautiful Fiji where her experience of caring for her beloved Grandmother inspired her to choose a career in Aged Care. “I remember that I enjoyed the happy moments looking after my grandmother and was proud to care for her until she passed away peacefully at 101 years of age”.

Her residents feel like a second family to Sharon. With her husband James, she brought their children Jerusha (7) and Jacqueline (5) to visit the residents at Villa Del Sole prior to the pandemic. She felt it was important to introduce them, and this visit also made the residents feel special. Sharon beams when talking about her husband James, who took time off work to help home-school their girls this year, so that Sharon could continue her vital Aged Care work. She says, “I am so lucky; he’s a fantastic man!”

Sharon completed Certificate III in Aged Care and plans to start studying nursing next year. She shares, “My future career goal is to become an Aged Care nurse, so that I can still look after the elderly.”

Sharon believes that “Communication with residents is one of the most important parts of our job.”

Each day, she focuses on making the residents happy by playing music, dancing, or simply holding hands when appropriate & making them laugh!

Sharon is proud that she has learned to understand Italian, as it is the native language of most of the residents at Villa Del Sole.

During the pandemic, Sharon & the entire Team at Villa Del Sole follow all the guidelines in wearing PPE, including wearing a face mask, face shield & gown. She found that one of the challenges was communication, as “Residents prefer face to face.”

Sharon shares that although every day is extremely busy with 40 residents at Villa Del Sole, she loves her role as a Personal Care Attendant. “It is challenging when I am attending one consumer and at the same time another consumer needs assistance. I use my time management & ensure both are stable & safe, but I don’t leave any job half done.”

Sharon is so committed to her work, that as well as her role as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA), if the kitchen needs support she also works in that Team.

Sharon Kumar and Team at Villa Del Sole Aged Care

PCA Daily Routine Meeting Residents’ Needs

7am Handover to ensure daytime PCA’s know what needs addressing from night staff

7:30am Assist consumers with their showers, grooming & dressing

8am Take residents to the dining room for breakfast or feed them in their rooms

9am Collect breakfast dishes, visit residents & take them to morning activities

12pm Feed Lunch to the residents

1:30pm Collect lunch dishes, visit residents & take them to entertainment & activities

1pm Paperwork to document consumer’s need fulfillment, behaviours & food intake

2:30pm Handover to evening staff


Sharon Kumar, You’re AMAZING!


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