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The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence: Rowan Hawthorne

OSCAR Care Group industry award winner Rowan Hawthorne

We are delighted to introduce Rowan Hawthorne from Japara’s Cordelia Grove facility and recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program.

OSCAR Care Group recognises Rowan as a dedicated, hard-working and friendly cleaner & laundry supervisor, with great attention to detail that ensures environmental excellence for his residents.

Rowan was an exceptional photographer, who found that his demanding profession eventually led him to a time in hospital for mental health recovery. During this time, he decided to pursue a career in cleaning. He has been a dedicated cleaner in Aged Care facilities for 12 years, and is now the Cleaning & Laundry Supervisor for Japara Cordelia Grove!

Rowan shares that if he won the lottery, he would spend the money on travel! He misses his beloved daughter and granddaughter who live in San Francisco, and looks forward to visiting them again.

In his spare time, Rowan loves golfing, and is devoted to caring for his 85-year-old Mum. He says, “The residents at Japara feel like a second family. I treat them just like I do my mother, as all people deserve that level of respect”.

Douglas Gillan, Japara’s Regional Hospitality Manager, says “Rowan always goes out of his way to take on extra duties that are sometimes way out of his normal job tasks.”

Rowan loves working at Japara Cordelia Grove. He says that everyone, staff and residents, know everyone. “On my very first day here, everyone took the time to meet me and learn my name.”

Perfectly positioned just a short stroll from local shops and the nearby beach, living at Cordelia Grove Aged Care home in Anglesea means enjoying morning walks by the beach, afternoon tea in the garden with friends and a range of lifestyle options.

When asked what career accomplishment makes him most proud, Rowan shares, “Last Christmas, the family of a Resident, who had died 6 months prior, visited to give me chocolates and thank me for my special care and bond with their Dad.” This is an example of the immense job satisfaction that staff in Aged Care can receive.

Rowan and Team

Cleaning & Laundry Excellence in Aged Care

Rowan works 3 days on Cleaning, and 3 days on Laundry work. On his Laundry days, he enjoys both the peace and quiet he experiences in the Laundry room, as well as the friendly banter he shares with Care Staff as they come and go!

Taking extra care of the consumers’ needs is of paramount importance to Rowan.

  • Although it is strenuous work, Rowan ensures that all his tasks are completed each day.

  • Using the press for hours, he supports the residents’ dignity by ensuring their clothes look presentable.

  • One client is allergic to the general clothes washing detergent, so Rowan washes his clothes separately with care.

  • Each morning, he quickly cleans the outdoor furniture, before residents go out, because “They shouldn’t have to ask, and are entitled to sit at a clean table!”

  • Rowan is a great team-focussed employee, and he ensures that the Laundry is already done by 8am for his co-workers to help them get ahead of daily tasks.

  • He diligently sanitises all touch points in the building twice per day for hygiene safety.


Rowan Hawthorne, You’re AMAZING!


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