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The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence: Fronditha Care Clayton, Lifestyle Team

OSCAR Care Group industry award winner Lifestyle team

We are delighted to introduce the Lifestyle Team from Fronditha Care Clayton, recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program.

OSCAR Care Group recognises the Lifestyle Team’s excellence & passion in ensuring that the mind, body & spirit of their consumers is stimulated throughout every day at Fronditha Care Clayton.

This Aged Care facility provides culturally centred care for the elders of the Greek Community. Support Services Coordinator, Vivi Michailidou, believes that “the fantastic Lifestyle Team brings Greek culture, history & customs into our home.”

Consumers benefit from the talents of each Lifestyle Team member


Dimitra, Lifestyle Team Coordinator, was a professional singer in Greece & has worked at Fronditha Care for 6 years. Together with musically talented Krystallia, Dimitra & Antonios, they lead the regular Greek music sessions with singing, guitar, piano & flute. Dimitra shares that, “For the residents, music is life. They dance, move their hands, sing & cry with mixed joy & sadness as they reminisce about their lives & families.”


Demi, Elena & Ionna use their artistic talents to keep residents’ minds active. The team arranged an exhibition of 100 of the resident’s paintings, which were sold to raise funds for Kids with cancer. They also use a Visual Forest for memory support & to build on their connection with residents, who are supported to move their arms to adjust the scenery.


The entire Lifestyle Team performs for the residents at Fronditha Care in Clayton by using the Theatre of Shadows. Shadow play is a traditional Greek form of storytelling & entertainment which uses flat articulated cut-out figures which are held between the light & translucent screen. These talented puppeteers make the figures appear to walk, dance, fight, nod & laugh!


Tereza brings her talents of dance & yoga to work, helping to mobilise residents as much as possible. She choreographs many of the fun dance sessions that the Lifestyle Team lead residents in. These include Greek dancing, Latino style & even belly dancing with all the members of the team!

Hand Massage

Gentle hand massage is used by the entire Lifestyle Team to connect with residents through touch.

For those unable to join other activities like dance, a hand massage is given while they enjoy the music. Scientific evidence has shown that a regular hand massage may help ease pain, increase hand strength, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

An amazing, supportive Team

The Lifestyle Team at Fronditha Care in Clayton plans, develops & implements lifestyle activities together for their consumers. Their fun program runs 7 days a week at the 152 bed, 5 unit facility.

Lifestyle Coordinator, Dimitra, speaks with pride about every member of the Team. She believes that the “amazing, supportive team of 11 committed members all focus on the holistic care of the consumers. We work hard, to ensure their emotional and physical needs are met.” Dimitra left Greece 11 years ago, and says that, like many of the Team, she can see her own family in the faces of the elderly residents. She says, “I am proud being a member of this team, and consumers never stop expressing their love for us.”

Dimitra enthusiastically shares her stories of the unique abilities of each team member. As well as the artistic talents previously outlined, she says that “Nicky always aims to satisfy everyone, and ensure they are joining in. Olga is very logical & helps ensure all events are organised well. Demi is a professional photographer & many of her photos featured in the 2020 calendar.

Maria is an amazing member of the Lifestyle Team, who at 70 years old, sings beautifully and cares for each resident like a close friend. She has worked diligently at Fronditha Care Clayton for 30 years & is loved by Team members, Residents & their families for all her hard work & lovely, fun personality.

Ensuring a happy Lifestyle during the pandemic

The Lifestyle Team all agree that the last year was very challenging for their consumers. The extensive lockdown due to the pandemic resulted in consumers not being able to see their family for a long period of time, which had an impact on their emotional wellbeing. The team at Clayton did their best not to let this influence their daily activities.

To improve morale & support residents, the following initiatives were implemented:

  • Different ways to communicate with families on a daily basis through facetime & skype and the team had extended hours until 8pm to ensure that families had a range of time available to speak to their loved ones.

  • Over 900 skype calls per month were made locally & internationally!

  • Residents were kept well-informed of covid & reassured of safety protocols.

  • Lifestyle activities & daily routines were maintained to ensure emotional & physical wellbeing. Extra music, drama, art & relaxation sessions were created to keep


Lifestyle Team, You’re AMAZING!


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