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The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence: Elizabeta Stojkovska

OSCAR Care Group industry award winner Elizabeta Stojkovska

We are delighted to introduce Elizabeta Stojkovska from Japara’s Rosanna Views facility and recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program.

OSCAR Care Group recognises Elizabeta’s devotion and innovation as a friendly cleaner, with great communication skills and attention to detail that ensures environmental excellence for the residents.

Elizabeta was inspired to choose a career in Aged Care by her childhood in Macedonia, where she helped look after her grandparents. She says, “I love old people, and always want to help others”.

Elizabeta’s husband Zlatko, and their daughters Rose and Monika support her dedication to her work.

Her residents feel like a second family to Elizabeta.

She was motivated to become a Cleaner by the challenge of looking after many different kinds of people and trying to complete all their requests as quickly as possible with minimum disruption.

Elizabeta has many skills and interests. She is a trained food technologist & skilled fashion designer who would love to one day be an Ambulance Officer with time for her favourite hobby, embroidery.

Wayne Bailey, Home Manager at Japara Rosanna Views, applauds Elizabeta’s “commitment, attention to detail & her way of always taking the welfare of others seriously while exceeding role expectations.”

Elizabeta is renowned at Japara’s Rosanna Views facility for her team spirit, while taking on extra duties & being an environmental & resident monitor.

She shares that her proudest career accomplishment has been the cleaning team that she created at Rosanna Views four years ago.

Elizabeta implemented a microfibre floor cleaning system that has reduced the work safety risk to all the cleaning staff. It involves wringing the mops out as well as reducing infection control risk from mops being used in multiple rooms.

Elizabeta ensures that new residents’ rooms are set up like a welcoming hotel, which is not something that normally falls under the cleaning staff duty. She designs & decorates rooms with pictures, pillowcases, cushions & frames to remind them of home.

Cleaning during a Pandemic

Rosanna Views Aged Care Facility

Especially during the pandemic, the role of Cleaning Staff is vitally important. Elizabeta advises that she understands the importance of hygiene, to ensure the safety of her team and the beloved elderly Residents.

The key is prioritising the work load, especially disinfecting all touch points regularly during the day to prevent any infection spread.

Elizabeta & the entire Team at Japara have followed all of the government health guidelines in wearing PPE, including wearing a face mask, face shield & gown.

Douglas Gillan, Japara Regional Hospitality Manager, says “Managing the supply of all the PPE, cleaning equipment, chemicals and care supplies within Rosanna Views is a huge task that Elizabeta just manages with ease as part of her daily cleaning role.”

Good communication is important with the residents, care staff, nursing, maintenance, kitchen and laundry staff. Elizabeta did a great job with one of the extra challenges, “calming the Residents who were confused that their loved ones couldn’t visit.”


Elizabeta Stojkovska, You’re AMAZING!


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