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The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence: Craig Botterill

OSCAR Care Group industry award winner Craig Botterill

We are delighted to introduce Craig Botterill, the Chef Manager at the BlueCross Gardenia facility and recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program.

OSCAR Care Group recognises Craig’s excellence as a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated Chef, who leads and inspires his team in providing superior quality, delicious and nutritious meals with great experiences for residents.

Cooking for Melbournians, Presidents & Miners!

After completing his cooking apprenticeship in 1980, Craig perfected his culinary skills with years of experience in Hotels in South Melbourne. He proudly recounts, “While working as Head Chef for Royal Melbourne Golf Course, I catered for VIPs including George Bush, Greg Norman & Jack Nicklaus at the prestigious President’s Cup. Hilariously I caught George Bush helping himself to the buffet at 11:30am!”

Later, Craig worked at Macarthur River Mine in NT, serving meals to 760 hungry miners for 12 hours daily. Craig brought his Chef talents, experiences & management skills to BlueCross Gardenia, where he has been Chef Manager for 6 years.

“Craig is deserving of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence award for his commitment to delivering quality customer service and beautifully presented food which incorporates great flavours, that ultimately provides his residents with an exceptional dining experience every day.” - Joanne Adams, BlueCross Hospitality Quality Manager

How it all started

Craig’s interest in cooking started in his early teens, cooking with his Mum. Today, he continues this great tradition & enjoys cooking for his family including his wife, two sons and his new grandson.

Outside of his family and cooking, Craig’s passions include surfing, fishing & boating.

Craig has kindly taken groups of Residents from BlueCross Gardenia out on his boat on numerous occasions, for a memorable joy ride excursion on the Patterson River. “I love seeing the joy on their faces!”

With the multicultural group of residents at BlueCross Gardenia, Craig ensures that the Menu celebrates all the special cultural days for his diverse residents. He instigated International Meal Days, embracing the cuisines of different cultures including Dutch, German and American. It’s been a very popular initiative!

Leading the Aged Care Kitchen Team

Being Head Chef has given Craig the opportunity to create new menu designs and provide high quality, nutritious meals. With his vast experience, he has brought professionalism to the kitchen team, with a focus on procedures, cleaning and compliance.

Craig shares that his team have a chat and a laugh throughout the day whilst getting their work completed to highest standards. “It’s important to work hard and maintain best standards but also keep the kitchen environment light-hearted.”

Craig Botterill, the Chef Manager at the BlueCross Gardenia and his team

“Craig manages a very stable team of cooks & FSAs and promotes ongoing learning and development within his team. He supports and gives his staff opportunities to further develop new skills within the kitchen and is engaged and highly respected by his team for his approachable manner, his experience & his friendly demeanour. This is reflected within his team by very high staff retention, very low personal leave and the staff always being happy to come to work.” - Vaughan Rollings, BlueCross Hospitality Operations Manage

Chocolate Whisky Mousse Recipe

Craig’s Chocolate Whisky Mousse Recipe


4 eggs and 5 egg yolks

200g caster sugar

150ml whisky

600g good dark chocolate

2.5 litres cream



  1. Add eggs, sugar & whisky together and make a sabayon.

  2. Whisk over a double boiler until ribbon stage (be careful not to scramble the egg mix).

  3. Melt chocolate.

  4. Add to sabayon and let cool but not set.

  5. Whip cream with vanilla.

  6. Fold into chocolate sabayon and let set.


Craig Botterill, You’re AMAZING!


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