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Good Communication, Better Communities: Celebrating Speech Pathology Week 2022

Welcome to Speech Pathology Week, 21st - 27th August 2022!

The theme for speech pathology week this year is ‘Good Communication, Better Communities.’ Our Speech Pathology team at OSCAR Care Group is excited to talk about what this means to us, and how we support clients across the lifespan to achieve their goals.

Speech Pathology at OSCAR Care Group

Here at OSCAR, we are passionate about building ‘Good Communication, Better Communities.’ This looks like supporting clients across the lifespan, from young kids through to the elderly population across a range of practice settings. As a Speech Pathologist, our role expands beyond simply ‘helping people speak.’ Communication is far more than this – it is helping people both express and understand the world around them, using many different mediums such as verbal and non-verbal options to do so.

Our Speech Pathologist Natalie describes why she is passionate about this theme, and her role at OSCAR;

‘One of my favourite parts about being a Speech Pathologist is being able to explain to others how broad our role expands in our day-to-day practice. We get to educate others as to what communication really is (it isn’t just speaking!) and how looking at this from a wider lens can benefit so many people in our communities. I am passionate about supporting others, both clients and their close supports, to understand this as a first step to achieving their outcomes and goals.’

We provide Speech Pathology services and support across a range of areas and practice models.

This includes:

If you, or somebody that you may know would benefit from Speech Pathology support, please reach out and enquire for our services today.


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