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We’re proud to be embarking on our 15th year in business!

That’s fifteen years of providing expert food safety knowledge and care. We think this is worth celebrating. With this important milestone upon us, we’ve taken a moment to answer our most frequent questions about what we do.

Where we began

After seeing how much assistance is needed to care for our most vulnerable, we have made it our mission to support Aged Care home and Childcare centres deliver five-star care. We know it’s no easy task and our residents and children deserve the best. With that in mind, OSCAR Care Group was born.

How do you service to both the Aged Care and Childcare sectors?

While Aged Care residents and young children are at opposite ends of the life span, from a food safety perspective, they both require the same special care. Aged Care homes and Child Care centres are both classed as a Level 1 Food premises as they serve food to vulnerable people, ie. the elderly and very young – this is our niche! We make it our business to know all the legislative requirements for Class 1 food premises to create operational resources and technology to meet compliance needs. But it’s more than just compliance to us. It’s about the residents’ and children’s enjoyment and safety in care.

We're a bunch of foodies

Our whole business revolves around food. From our Menu reviews & development, Food Safety training, Food Safety Auditing, IDDSI knowledge and Allied Health specialists, it all involves our love of food and keeping vulnerable Australians safe. Our amazing team includes executive Chefs, Dietitians and Speech Pathologists, Food Safety Experts and Business specialists supported by a creative design team. This perfect mix creates wonderful discussions in the office around food, how best to support our facilities and centres and it often ends in a good food pun.

Is it a little cheesy? Yes, but we’re grate at what we do!

Why are we called OSCAR?

Back in the day, we offered Operational Support, Catering services, Auditing and Recruitment and realised that there’s a pretty good acronym amongst that! We grew from only servicing the Aged Care sector to now include Childcare and hospitality industries too. Then our Allied Health department blossomed. Now, our services have matured and evolved into who we are today. We provide top-notch Operations, Solutions, Care, Auditing and Response to the ever-changing Aged Care and Childcare industries. Here we are, OSCAR Care Group, completely at your service…

Lettuce Celebrate!


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