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OSCAR Telehealth Service

Care Group allied health professionals are available to provide telehealth services for your residents, in the event that your facility is not permitting on site visits or for urgent referrals.

To complete telehealth assessments,
OSCAR Care Group Dietitians and Speech Pathologists utilise cloud based patient management software and Skype/Zoom platforms to ensure all residents continue to receive a high quality and timely allied health service.
To ensure a thorough telehealth service,
OSCAR Care Group allied health staff provide a comprehensive progress note outlining key recommendations, in addition to a verbal and/or written handover to the relevant clinical staff following each assessment.   

​Our skilled staff are all accredited and insured for your residents requirements.

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Please contact: 

dietitian@oscarcaregroup.com.au for our Dietetic service

or speech@oscarcaregroup.com.au to book a Speech Pathologist

or call 1300467227 to see how we can help your facility and residents.

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