Temperature Monitoring System

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OSCAR Temperature Monitoring System

A HACCP Certified 24 / 7 temperature monitoring solution making sure all your compliance reporting requirements are taken care of.

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OSCAR Temperature Monitoring System provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of temperatures and immediately alerts users of discrepancies from set temperature parameters, allowing a timely response to take corrective action and preserve valuable stock.

How Does it Work:

  • Collector unit and digital temperature sensing devices included

  • Accurate to 0.50c 

  • Sensors send data wirelessly to the Collector unit

  • Stores the information and forwards it to a cloud-based server where it is constantly monitored

  • Alerts if there is a peak or drop in temperature via email or text for immediate corrective action

  • Reports are generated daily or weekly

  • Can be Monitored and access via Web, Phone or Tablet in any location.


  • Money Saving

  • Compliance reporting

  • Easy Installation

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Talk to the OSCAR Operations team for a free demonstration and to discuss the best solutions for your facility.

Please contact us on

1300 4 OSCAR. (1300 467 227)

Or Email info@oscarcaregroup.com.au

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