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The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence: Maddie Martin

OSCAR Care Group industry award winner Maddie Martin

We are delighted to introduce Maddie Martin from The Mabel Café in Mitcham, recipient of The OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program.

OSCAR Care Group recognises Maddie's devotion and innovation as a friendly Café Manager. With her great management, barista, social media and photography skills, Maddie ensures The Mabel has evolved & grown for customers despite lockdowns.

Tim Campbell, The Mabel Café’s owner, employed Maddie as Café Manager 5 years ago because of her talents & her dependability. He says, “We chose Maddie to be our Café Manager because we can trust her with our business, which is our livelihood. This past year she has shown great resilience & used her talents in social media & management to evolve our Café during lockdowns by offering both a takeaway Menu service & The Essentials online delivery service of locally grown fruit, veggies & products.”

The Mabel Café is renowned for it’s modern, healthy menu, it’s local community support & it’s commitment to ethical, sustainable products.

Maddie’s coffee is extra special!

Maddie loves coffee roasting, & knew she wanted to serve a delicious product that is ethically sourced & environmentally friendly. She worked with the team from Jasper Coffee to create the unique Mabel Café House Blend, which is available in The Mabel Essentials online store. Maddie also outsourced 100% plastic-free disposable coffee cups, so it’s guilt-free!

From the day that The Mabel Café opened, Maddie knew the importance of connecting with customers through social media - & it became more vital for the Café during lockdown. She is a very talented photographer, and shares mouth-watering photos of The Mabel Café’s meals regularly on Instagram.

“Being able to connect with customers from afar is amazing & it’s something that I always pushed our Team for – probably to the point of being annoying!”

The Mabel Café in Mitcham

Community-minded Café

Maddie sees The Mabel Café as a part of the wonderful local community in Mitcham, in Melbourne’s South-East. She and Tim want all of the local businesses to survive & thrive, which is why they source local products.

The Mabel Café commissioned local artist, Sean Dunstan to create The Mabel’s distinctive logo, which features online, on products & in the Café.

When the first lockdown hit Melbourne in 2020, Maddie approached Tim about “pivoting the business in order to survive.” They created The Essentials online store, hired a van and were able to train staff to pack & deliver products in a Covid-safe way, also enabling them to keep staff employed.

When their loyal customers were unable to source all their food needs, The Mabel team swung into action, sourcing local fruits, vegetables, flour and more to deliver. They even started selling their House Blend coffee and provided online tips to customers who needed help with making their coffee!

Maddie chose to help promote other local food businesses who were unable to do so themselves during lockdown.

Maddie is a truly inspirational Café Manager, and looks forward to brewing you a delicious, ethical coffee at The Mabel Café, served with a smile. But watch out – she may take an Insta photo before handing it over!


Maddie Martin, You’re AMAZING!


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