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Gut Health

Rewatch the 'Keeping Your Gut Happy' webinar from our Lunch with a Dietitian Series. Presented by our Dietitian, Hannah Errington. Recorded live Tuesday 30 April 2024.
This recording is only available for 30 days.

Keeping Your Gut Happy

Gut health is key to overall mental and physical wellbeing.  Our gut is influenced by so much, including what we eat and drink, our age, environment, sleep, diseases and overall health status.  Did you know how closely the gut is linked to your brain? What supports a happy gut the relation to metal health? What are the best foods to eat for our gut health? What is a healthy gut? Join us for our free webinar with our wonderful Dietitian, Hannah Errington, to explore these and more.

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Download the Bristol Stool Chart

Here's our Communication Milestone chart for children aged 12months to 5 years. 

We have amazing bunch of Dietitians, who are passionate about helping people use food to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

More education sessions

Book for a education session for your Aged Care Home or Childcare Centre. Covering similar topics and so much more.

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