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Early Language Development Strategies 

Rewatch the 'How to Help Early Language Development' webinar presented by our Speech Pathologist, Mikaela. Recorded live Tuesday 19th March 2024.
This recording is only available for 30 days.

How to Help Early Language Development

Did you know that one of the best ways to support early language development is by talking to your child during normal routines? We will look at strategies that parents and childhood educators can use across daily routines. By implementing these strategies, this will encourage children to use their first words and phrases and keep them on track to meet their communication milestones. Gain practical ideas to start using immediately in this quick 15-minute webinar, presented by our Qualified Speech Pathologist, Mikaela.

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Download the Communication milestone chart

Here's our Communication Milestone chart for children aged 12months to 5 years. 

We have wonderful, talented and passionate bunch of Speech Pathologists to empower individuals to meet their communication and language goals. 
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