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We want to celebrate you

We know through our Allied Health visits, Audits and Training that many Aged Care Homes are presenting amazing food to their Residents. However, the news is often filled with doom and gloom stories about the industry. Let’s change that!  We would like the opportunity to showcase the best food your home has to offer on Aged Care Employee Day. 

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For your home to be part of this, simply enter your details with photos of some amazing dishes you prepare for your residents. This could be Morning /Afternoon Teas, Lunches, Dinners, Desserts or texture modified.  We will then showcase your home with your food photos on our website, social media and emails on August 7, 2024 Aged Care Employee Day.

You’re welcome to include a description of the dishes, name staff members, or include stories about the Residents and the food. We will publish your details, descriptions and stories along with the photos you send through. Together, let’s celebrate the delicious food you provide for the residents to improve their quality of life.


The best food your home has to offer 

This is free offering to Australian Aged Care Homes. By submitting a photo, you are providing OSCAR Care Group with permission to use these photos on our website, social media and emails including if any person is in the photo.  If you have any questions, please contact our Marketing Team on (03) 9560 1844. 

Submissions close 1st August 2024.

You are welcome to email photos directly to marketing@oscarcaregroup.com.au or upload via this our website below. 

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Thank you

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